Dragino HP0D LoRaWAN Helium Miner - Full Hotspot


Elevate your IoT network with the HP0D, an outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway seamlessly compatible with Telemetry2U's platform. Bridging LoRa to IP networks through various channels, it enables data transmission over vast ranges at low data rates. With Helium Full Hotspot Approval and dual LoRaWAN server support, the HP0D is ideal for helium mining and IoT integration. It offers easy Helium onboarding, customizable frequency bands, and robust encryption, ensuring a secure and efficient IoT experience.

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Manufacturer: Dragino
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Advanced IoT Networking


The HP0D sets a new standard for outdoor LoRaWAN gateways, offering seamless integration with Telemetry2U's innovative IoT platform. This gateway bridges LoRa wireless networks to IP networks via WiFi, Ethernet, and optional cellular connectivity, facilitating data transmission across extensive ranges with minimal data rates. This versatility makes the HP0D a prime choice for diverse IoT applications, enhancing network reach and reliability.

Helium Full Hotspot Approval: A standout feature of the HP0D is its Helium Full Hotspot Approval, including a built-in ATECC608 encryption chip. This approval not only underscores its security but also enables it to function as a Helium Full Hotspot, perfect for helium mining projects. The HP0D's compatibility with the Semtech packet forwarder and LoRaWAN Station connection further ensures it aligns perfectly with the LoRaWAN protocol, adding a layer of versatility to its operation.

Ready for Helium Use: The HP0D comes with the costs for Helium onboarding and location already covered by Dragino, making it ready for immediate use in Helium networks. Users only need to input their HNT wallet address and use the provided QR Code for easy onboarding, simplifying the setup process and ensuring a hassle-free start.

Dual LoRaWAN Server Support: Unique to the HP0D is its ability to support two LoRaWAN servers simultaneously. This dual server capability means users can engage in helium mining while connecting to a maximum of two LoRaWAN servers, optimizing the gateway's utility and performance in IoT networks.

Customisable Frequency Bands: Recognising the varied needs of global users, the HP0D comes pre-configured with standard LoRaWAN frequency bands suitable for different countries. It also offers the flexibility to customize these frequency bands for individual LoRaWAN network requirements, ensuring optimal performance in any setting.



Choose the 12-Month Subscription with Telemetry2U



When you select a"12-month Platform Subscription", we take care of the initial setup for you. Your Dragino LoRaWAN gateway with all be shipped with all necessary configurations for seamless integration into Telemetry2U's IoT platform. All you'll need to do is register your account with Telemetry2U and add and your new LoRaWAN gateway to your account - it's that easy.

If you choose the "EC25-AU 4G Module with 12-Month SIM" addition, the setup becomes more straightforward because it eliminates the need for an external internet connection. The SIM card will be pre-installed and the gateway will be configured before it's shipped to you. Your only task will be to supply power to the device. This SIM operates on a 12-month plan and includes sufficient data allowance for connecting hundreds of sensors to the cloud.

IoT Platform Features

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  • Open Source Linux system
  • RPi4 with 2G /4G or 8G RAM, shipped randomly
  • Managed by Web GUI, SSH via Internet
  • Support Semtech UDP packet forwarder
  • Support LoRaWAN Station Connection
  • Support Helium Miner
  • External fiberglass antenna
  • Firmware OTA
  • 802.3af PoE
  • Lighting Protection
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Support Helium LoRaWAN server and secondary LoRaWAN server
  • Include prepaid $40 onboarding cost and $10 location cost.
  • Remote.it remote management.
Package contents

Package Includes:

  • 1 x HP0D Full Hotspot
  • 1 x Fiber Glass LoRa Antenna
  • 1 x 12v 2A adapter
  • Enviromental Package


Dimension and weight: 

  • Package Size: 48 * 19 * 13 cm
  • Weight / pcs : 1.7 kg