All products sold by Telemetry2U are designed to work with any of our Premium IoT Platform plans. LoRaWAN end-devices and gateways are shipped running the latest firmware, preconfigured, tested, and linked to your Telemetry2U account. There’s no easier service to get IoT applications off the ground so quicky and professionally.

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We supply Dragino’s range of end-devices and gateways through our online store. We’ve found their hardware to be extremely reliable and we’re a proud distributor. We can source plenty of other LoRaWAN hardware from well-known suppliers like Netvox and Milesight that we can ship in the same plug-&-play format. Contact us with your requirements, we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Our store prices are more expensive than other suppliers, however they do not provide the same plug-&-play solution that we're offering here at Telemetry2U. We do all the hard work so you can just login and get started monitoring and controlling your devices through our IoT platform – this is perfect for companies or individuals who don’t have the time or technical experience to go it alone and expect the highest level ongoing of support.

If you do have the time and expertise to configure and set things up yourself, check out our DiY options. Buy hardware from any supplier and sign up to a PAYG plan from as little as $5-/month. Kick things off with a 14-day free trial. We have loads of documentation to help get you through the process.