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About us

At Telemetry2U we are fascinated and inspired by technology. We love having the opportunity to introduce the endless possibilities to our customers.

Telemetry2U is an Australian owned company with worldwide networks. We have over 30 year’s experience in hardware and software development as well as extensive experience performing repairs and preventative maintenance in laboratories, research centres, hospitals and the aquaculture and agriculture industry. Over the years we noticed that monitoring systems and products are often costly, unreliable and complicated to use. Our combined expertise gave us the ability to provide great systems that can do it all at a low cost.

Our mission is to help you and your company succeed. We support you to focus on the things that really matter by making the monitoring process accessible, reliable, and easy to use.

We believe that accessing smart technology shouldn’t cost you the world. Just the same, purchasing affordable products shouldn’t impact on quality.

We understand the importance of being able to integrate to the old to the new. We move with the rapid changes in technology and keep our customers linked in at all times.

We believe in making things simple. The success of our products and systems are undoubtedly due to the ease with which they operate.

We stive to make LoRaWAN technology availible to all users big and small. From indivuales throught to large scale operations, we have a plan that will work for you.