Telemetry2U IoT Platform

Telemetry2U IoT Platform

Telemetry2U offers an integrated IoT platform that simplifies device and server setup, enabling real-time data visualization, remote control, and customizable dashboards for various applications. It features a robust alert system and automated task scheduling, with secure cloud data storage and comprehensive reporting for auditing. The platform supports a wide range of IoT applications, including healthcare, agriculture, asset tracking, and smart home automation. Designed for user-friendliness, it caters to all technical expertise levels, ensuring accessibility and ease of use in IoT deployment and management.

Free IoT Platform - 60-Day Trial

Free IoT Platform

We at Telemetry2U are thrilled to extend a special offer to our new customers. With every purchase of IoT hardware from our store, you'll receive an exclusive coupon granting you a complimentary, no-commitment 60-day trial for each product you buy. Experience the full potential of staying connected with our platform, and after your trial, you have the option to subscribe and continue enjoying our services.

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$- +GST

LoRaWAN Device Platform Subscription - 12-Months

LoRaWAN Platform

Got a LoRaWAN device? Connect it to Telemetry2U with ease! Choose from three distinct plans tailored to your storage needs and make a straightforward 12-month payment upfront. After the year, the choice is yours: continue reaping the benefits of our service with another 12-month subscription, or take a pause. We value your autonomy – no credit card records kept, keeping you in complete control. Dive into the Telemetry2U experience and enjoy hassle-free IoT management on your terms.
$- +GST

NB-IoT Device Platform/SIM Subscription - 12-Months

NB-IoT Platform

Telemetry2U's NB-IoT Platform Subscription, with a SIM card included, is designed for seamless IoT integration. It features a 12-month subscription on our IoT platform with the initial setup handled by us. This includes a pre-fitted Telstra NB-IoT SIM card with 500KB/month of data, enough to send a record every 10-minutes. We also handle all the necessary configurations for the Telemetry2U platform.

Already have your own Dragino NB-IoT device, no problems. We can ship you the SIM card with simple instructions on how to configure the device yourself.

$120- +GST