Outdoor Enclosures - Solar/12V

Telemetry2U offers a comprehensive selection of 12V and solar-powered enclosures specifically designed for outdoor and remote sensor monitoring and control applications. Our solutions are highly customizable to meet the diverse needs of our clients and can be easily deployed for seamless plug-and-play performance.

Pole Mount Solar Sensor Interface Kit

The T2U Solar Sensor Interface is a reliable power solution for remote outdoor applications. It features a 20W solar panel with an adjustable angle, a weatherproof ABS enclosure with a hinged lid and latches for easy access, and a 12V 7Ah SLA battery with a 3A solar charge controller. The charge controller provides protection against overcharge, over discharge, and short circuits. The entire assembly can be easily attached to a standard signpost, making it ideal for environmental monitoring, agricultural monitoring, wildlife tracking, remote weather stations, and more. With its robust design, reliable power, and easy installation, the T2U Solar Sensor Interface is the perfect solution for any remote outdoor application.
$2100- +GST