NB-IoT Device Platform/SIM Subscription - 12-Months

NB-IoT Platform

Telemetry2U's NB-IoT Platform Subscription, with a SIM card included, is designed for seamless IoT integration. It features a 12-month subscription on our IoT platform with the initial setup handled by us. This includes a pre-fitted Telstra NB-IoT SIM card with 500KB/month of data, enough to send a record every 10-minutes. We also handle all the necessary configurations for the Telemetry2U platform.

Already have your own Dragino NB-IoT device, no problems. We can ship you the SIM card with simple instructions on how to configure the device yourself.

SKU: t2u-nb-iot-platform-sim
Manufacturer: Telemetry2U
$120- +GST

Choose the 12-Month Subscription with SIM Included



When you select the "12-month IoT Platform Subscription – Sim Included" option, we take care of the initial setup for you. Your Dragino NB-IoT sensor will come pre-fitted with an NB-IoT SIM card, and we'll handle all necessary configurations for seamless integration into Telemetry2U's IoT platform.

Quick and Simple Setup

Just register an account on Telemetry2U and add your new device. The whole process is streamlined and can be completed in just a few minutes.

Experience a World of IoT Features

Once connected, you'll unlock a wealth of functionalities, including:

  • Real-Time Data Visualisation: Customise responsive dashboards to monitor data as it happens.
  • Historical Data Analysis: Dive into your data with detailed charts and tables.
  • Alert Configurations: Set up email, SMS, and voice alerts based on sensor inputs.
  • Control and Automation: Manage, schedule, and automate outputs and actuators for efficient operations.
  • Audit Reports: Generate and automatically email detailed audit reports for record-keeping.
  • Sensor Calibration: Scale and calibrate sensor inputs for precise readings.
  • User Management: Invite unlimited users and manage their access and functionalities.

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See for yourself just how easy it is to add an NB-IoT device on Telemetry2U's IoT Platform.

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