Aluminium Temperature Sensor Buffers

Our range Aluminium temperature buffers represent various sample sizes (10ml, 15ml, 30ml & 65ml) by adding a thermal mass to the temperature sensor to reduce the risk of false alerts from brief temperature fluctuations that can occur in cold storage applications. They will not corrode or leak and are build to last a life time.

You can read a lot more about our Aluminium temperature buffers and why they can be so important here...



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Telemetry2U have designed and produced a range of Aluminium Temperature Buffers that work perfectly with our temperature monitoring sensor products.   Using a temperature buffer is highly recommended by NATA to add a thermal mass to temperature senosrs so that you monitor the temperature of the sample being stored rather than the air temperature the sample is stored in.  Monitoring just the air temperature can lead to false alerts in cold storage applications - like when a door is opened and the air temperature greatly (but usually briefly) increases while the actual sample temperature only increases slightly. 

Our Aluminium temperature buffers come in various sizes depending on your requirements.  We sell sizes that are equivalent to 10ml, 15ml, 30ml and 65ml of water so can cover just about any cold storage application.  Aluminium temperature buffers will never break, leak or corrode so their thermal properties will never change giving you one less thing to worry about.

Our Temperature buffers are drilled out with two holes - the second hole can be used for a reference sensor during calibrations to greatly increase calibration accuracy as well as saving time by stabilising more quickly.

They are simple to install.  They can be cable tied to a shelf somewhere in the middle of the fidge or freezer and then the probe can simply be pushed inside the well.  They fit prefectly so there is no need for any oil or thermal compound.