SE01-NB - NB-IoT Soil Moisture & EC Sensor


The Dragino SE01-NB is a transformative NB-IoT Soil Moisture & EC Sensor, expertly crafted for modern agricultural needs. This sensor excels in measuring moisture, temperature, and conductivity in various soil types, leveraging advanced FDR methodology. Seamlessly integrated with Telemetry2U's IoT platform, it ensures real-time, accurate soil data delivery, enhancing farming decisions. The ease of use, combined with long-lasting battery life and minimal configuration, makes it an indispensable tool for smart agriculture.

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Manufacturer: Dragino
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Revolutionising Agriculture with IoT

The Dragino SE01-NB Soil Moisture & EC Sensor marks a new era in agricultural technology. This device is specifically engineered for accurate monitoring of soil moisture in saline-alkali and loamy soils. By employing the Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) method, it guarantees precise moisture readings, vital for crop health and yield.

Seamless Integration with Telemetry2U: Integration with Telemetry2U's IoT platform is straightforward, offering real-time soil data analysis. This connectivity ensures that farmers and agricultural professionals receive timely updates, enabling informed decision-making for better crop management.

Diverse Connectivity Options: Catering to diverse application needs, the SE01-NB supports multiple uplink methods including MQTT, MQTTs, UDP, and TCP. This flexibility allows for easy adaptation to various IoT servers, ensuring versatile application in different agricultural settings.

User-Friendly Configuration and Updates: The sensor's BLE configuration and OTA update features simplify usage. These functionalities make it easy for users to stay up-to-date with the latest software, enhancing the sensor's efficiency and longevity.

Designed for Longevity: With an 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery, the SE01-NB is built for enduring performance, offering several years of reliable service without frequent battery replacements.

Plug-and-Play Operation: The optional built-in SIM card and default IoT server connection version allow for effortless setup. This plug-and-play feature makes it a convenient choice for farmers seeking hassle-free technology integration in their agricultural practices.



Choose the 12-Month Subscription with Telstra SIM



When you select one of the "12-month IoT Platform Subscriptions", we'll handle all necessary configurations for seamless integration into Telemetry2U's IoT platform. If you also ordered a Telstra 500KB NB-IoT SIM card with your device, That'll also be installed and configured prior to shipment. The SIM card is locked to the device and the data capped at 500KB, so there is no chance of any suprise charges. 

IoT Platform Features

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Attribute name Attribute value


  • NB-IoT Bands: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B28/B66/B70/B85 @H-FDD
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Monitor Soil Moisture
  • Monitor Soil Temperature
  • Monitor Soil Conductivity
  • Multiply Sampling and one uplink
  • Support Bluetooth v5.1 remote configure and update firmware
  • Uplink on periodically
  • Downlink to change configure
  • 8500mAh Battery for long term use
  • Nano SIM card slot for NB-IoT SIM


  • Smart Agriculture 
  • Smart Farming
  • Soil health
  • Home gardner

Common DC Characteristics: 

  • Supply Voltage: built in 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery , 2.5v ~ 3.6v
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 85°C


Soil Moisture:

  • Range: 0-100.00 V/V %
  • Resolution: 0.01 V/V %
  • Accuracy: ±3% (0-53%)V/V %, ±5% (>53%) V/V %
  • Measure Method: FDR , with temperature &EC compensate 


Soil Temperature:

  • Range: -40.00℃~85.00℃
  • Resolution: 0.01℃
  • Accuracy: -10℃~50℃:<0.3℃ ,All other: <0.6℃
  • Measure Method: RTD, and calibrate


Soil Conductivity:

  • Range: 0-20000 uS/cm(25℃)(0-20.0EC)
  • Resolution: 1 uS/cm
  • Accuracy: 2%FS
  • Measure Method: Conductivity , with temperature compensate


NB-IoT Spec:  

NB-IoT Module: BC660K-GL 

Support Bands: 

  • B1 @H-FDD: 2100MHz
  • B2 @H-FDD: 1900MHz
  • B3 @H-FDD: 1800MHz
  • B4 @H-FDD: 2100MHz
  • B5 @H-FDD: 860MHz
  • B8 @H-FDD: 900MHz
  • B12 @H-FDD: 720MHz
  • B13 @H-FDD: 740MHz
  • B17 @H-FDD: 730MHz
  • B18 @H-FDD: 870MHz
  • B19 @H-FDD: 870MHz
  • B20 @H-FDD: 790MHz
  • B25 @H-FDD: 1900MHz
  • B28 @H-FDD: 750MHz
  • B66 @H-FDD: 2000MHz
  • B70 @H-FDD: 2000MHz
  • B85 @H-FDD: 700MHz



  • Li/SOCI2 un-chargeable battery
  • Capacity: 8500mAh
  • Self-Discharge: <1% / Year @ 25°C
  • Max continuously current: 130mA
  • Max boost current: 2A, 1 second


Power Consumption:  

  • STOP Mode: 10uA @ 3.3v
  • Max transmit power: 350mA@3.3v 
Package contents

Package Includes: 

  • SE01-NB NB-IoT Soil Moisture & EC Sensor x 1 
  • External antenna x 1 


Dimension and weight:

  • Device Size: 195 * 125 * 55 mm
  • Device Weight: 420 g

DataSheet, Document Base

User Manual -- Online Latest

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