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St-Link v2 Programmer

This programmer/debugger will allow users to upgrade or modify the firmware in the LDS01 door/window sensor, LWL01 leak sensor and the LHT65 Temperature and Humidity sensor. Instructions for upgrading the firmware can be found in the appropriate manuals. Although all products purchased from Tememetry2U will be upgraded to the the latest firmware before shipment, new firmware may be released at a later date to fix bugs and add features. As well as being compatible with Telemetry2U products, this programmer will work with all STM8 and STM32 processors.
$59.00 +GST

LLMS01 - LoRaWAN IoT Leaf Moisture Sensor

The Dragino LLMS01 is a LoRaWAN leaf moisture and temperature sensor and when used with Telemetry2U, quickly enables a level of smart farming through the Internet of Things (IoT). Leaf Moisture can be important for controlling anything from fungus and diseases to irrigation systems. With T2U, you can be alerted if your leaf's require watering/moisturizing or when there is a dew or they are frozen, helping you optimize growth and general farm management.

Telemetry2U has a live demo of a Dragino LLMS01 Leaf Moisture Sensor running on our IoT Platform.

$259.00 +GST

LSNPK01 - LoRaWAN IoT Soil NPK Sensor

The Dragino LSNPK01 is a LoRaWAN soil nutrient sensor that measures the Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium (NPK) level of soil. When used with Telemetry2U's IoT platform, you can quickly enable a level of smart farming through the Internet of Things (IoT). NPK are the three main nutrients plants require and are the primary ingredients for most fertilizers. Each nutrient is crucial for plant health and growth. The LSNPK01, combined with T2U, can help anyone from the home users to the large scale farmer monitor their soil health. This will in-turn not only to boost production and profits, but also assist planning crop cycles and fertilizer schedules.
$349.00 +GST

LSPH01 - LoRaWAN IoT Soil pH Sensor

The Dragino LSPH01 is a LoRaWAN Soil pH and Temperature Sensor. When used with Telemetry2U, it quickly enables a level of smart farming through the Internet of Things (IoT). pH is critical for plant growth, as it influences the availability of essential nutrients and their chemical reactions. The Silver Chloride (Ag-Cl) reference electrode and the pure metal pH sensitive electrode offer high accuracy and stability over the range, with temperature compensation. It can be buried in the soil for long term use, with the battery lasting up to 5 years.

Telemetry2U has a live demo of a Dragino LSPH01 Soil pH and Temperature Sensor running on our IoT Platform.

$329.00 +GST