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Dragino is a technology company that specializes in developing and manufacturing IoT (Internet of Things) devices and solutions. Their primary focus is on creating products that enable easier and more efficient connectivity for various IoT applications. Dragino's product line typically includes:

  1. LoRaWAN Devices: These are devices that use the Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) protocol, which is designed for long-range communications at a low bit rate. These devices are often used in smart city, agriculture, metering, and other IoT applications.

  2. IoT Gateways: Gateways that connect various IoT devices and sensors to the internet or other networks.

  3. IoT Modules: These modules are designed to be integrated into other devices to provide them with IoT capabilities.

  4. Development Kits: For customers and developers who are looking to build and experiment with their own IoT solutions, Dragino provides development kits and tools.

Dragino is known for offering cost-effective and open-source solutions, making their products attractive for small to medium-sized projects and for those who prefer open-source platforms for IoT development.

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S31B-NB - NB-IoT Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Introducing the Dragino S31B-NB, a refined NB-IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensor with an inbuilt probe for direct environmental measurements. Ideal for smart agriculture, weather monitoring, and domestic use, this sensor guarantees precise, robust sensing. Seamlessly integrated with Telemetry2U, it offers instant deviation alerts, real-time data visualization, and thorough historical analysis. Enhanced with additional metrics like Vapor Pressure Deficit and dew point, it's a top-tier choice for accurate and efficient environmental monitoring.

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$195- +GST

MS48-LR - LoRaWAN To Modbus Gateway


The MS48-LR, a LoRaWAN to Modbus Gateway, effortlessly integrates with Telemetry2U's IoT platform, offering diverse connectivity options including WiFi, Ethernet, and an optional 4G module. This gateway excels in transmitting data over long ranges at low data rates and includes built-in LoRaWAN and IoT servers for connecting various devices. With pre-configured and customizable frequency bands, plus remote management capabilities, the MS48-LR streamlines IoT and Modbus network integration, enhancing system monitoring and maintenance.

New customers will enjoy 60-Day's FREE access on Telemetry2Us' IoT Platform. Read more here...

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$345- +GST