NBSN95A - Waterproof Long Range Wireless NB-IoT Sensor Node

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Introducing the NBSN95A - the latest Long Range NB-IoT Sensor Node from Dragino. Due to IC shortage, the NBSN95A is a substitute version of the Dragino NBSN95, with identical hardware performance and use of the same image.

The NBSN95A is designed for outdoor data logging and powered by an 8500mAh Li/SOCl2 battery, ensuring secure data transmission and long-term use. This device enables system integrators to quickly deploy NB-IoT sensor nodes for their IoT solutions, with easy programming, creation, and connectivity options.

Telemetry2U has a live demo of a Dragino NES01 soil moisture, EC and temperature sensor running on our IoT Platform.

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NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology, which significantly improves the power consumption of user devices, system capacity, and spectrum efficiency, especially in deep coverage.

To use the NBSN95A, users need to check if there is NB-IoT coverage in their local area and if their local operator supports the bands that the NBSN95A uses. If the local operator supports it, the user can get an NB-IoT SIM card from the operator and install it into the NBSN95A to obtain NB-IoT network connectivity.

The NBSN95A is an open-source project based on the STM32L072CZT6 ultra-low-power ARM® Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller. Developers can obtain complete software and hardware design files, as well as adapters for their projects.

Experience the power and versatility of the NBSN95A today, and take your IoT solution to the next level with Dragino's advanced technology.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
  • STM32L072CZT6 MCU
  • NB-IoT Bands: B1/B3/B8/B5/B20/B28 @H-FDD
  • Pre-load bootloader on USART1/USART2
  • MDK-ARM Version 5.24a IDE
  • 3x12bit ADC, 1x12bit DAC
  • 20xDigital I/O
  • Open source hardware / software
  • IP66 Waterproof Enclosure
  • Ultra Low Power consumption
  • AT Commands to change parameters
  • Micro SIM card slot for NB-IoT SIM
  • 8.5 Ah Battery for long term use
  • Wireless Alarm and Security Systems
  • Home and Building Automation
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
  • Long range Irrigation Systems,etc.

NB-IoT Spec:

  • Module: Quectel BC35-G
  • Support BandsProtocol: CoAP, UDP, MQTT
    • - B1 @H-FDD: 2100MHz
    • - B3 @H-FDD: 1800MHz
    • - B8 @H-FDD: 900MHz
    • - B5 @H-FDD: 850MHz
    • - B20 @H-FDD: 800MHz
    • - B28 @H-FDD: 700MHz

MCU Spec:

  • MCU: STM32L072CZT6
  • Flash:192KB
  • SRAM:20KB
  • Clock Speed: 32Mhz


Absolute Maximum Ratings:

  • VCC: 0.5v ~ 3.9v
  • Operating Tempature: -40 ~ 85°C
  • I/O pins: 0.5v ~ VCC+0.5V

Common DC Characteristics:


Power Consumption:



  • Li/SOCI2 unchargable battery
  • Capacity: 8500mAh
  • Self Discharge: <1% / Year @ 25°C
  • Max continuously current: 500mA
  • Max boost current: 2A, 1 second
Package contents
  • 1 x NBSN95A NB-IoT Sensor Node
  • 1 x External NB-IoT antenna

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