To ensure Telemetry2U can make IoT technology available to everyone, we offer a couple of checkout options when purchasing LoRaWAN gateways and nodes.

  1. Buy hardware from us without a T2U licence and the items will be shipped with the factory default firmware/settings, leaving the configuration and network server connection to the end-user. Get started quickly with a 14-day free trial on Telemetry2U's sophisitcated IoT Platform and later build a custom subscription plan, perfectly tailored to your monitoring and control requirements. This option is perfect for DIY users who are familiar with LoRaWAN technology but like the concept of a complete, all-in-one IoT solution.
  2. Alternatively, purchase hardware from us with a once off T2U licence and choose from one of our bundled server plans. Hardware will be shipped pre-configured, loaded with the latest firmware, and ready to plug-and-play. All you’ll need to do is plug in your gateway, install your end-devices and your practically ready to go. No technical background or programming tools required. It doesn't get any easier.