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Telemetry2U is an IoT company that provides a complete suite of products and services used to monitor sensors and control devices over the internet. We use proven LoRaWAN technology to transfer data from the real world to our sophisticated IoT platform, where you can visualise your near real time IoT data in various formats, like Dashboards, Charts and Tables, from anywhere in the world. Our reliable alert system will notify you if your sensors deviate outside a programmable range via Email, SMS or an interactive voice call. There is no need for 3rd party software or complicated API intergrations - it is all included in your T2U server plan

We supply trusted Dragino Open-Source hardware, but our IoT platform is compatible with a host of other LoRaWAN IoT sensors, and we are always open to adding new sensors if you have a specific application that we have not yet considered.

All products supplied by Telemetry2U will work with just about any IoT Platform, like TTN, but if you would like to use your IoT products with T2U’s advanced, plug-and-play IoT platform, you will need to purchase a hardware license with each of your products from the store and pick and appropriate server plan for your requirements.

Featured products

Dragino LT22222L LoRaWAN I/O Controller

The LT-22222-L is a Long Range LoRaWAN I/O Controller offering multiple I/O Interfaces including: analog current inputs 4-20mA), analog voltage inputs, digital inputs, digital outputs and relay outputs. The LT I/O Modules are designed to simplify the installation of I/O monitoring while providing excellent performance.

Telemetry2U has a live demo of a Dragino LT22222L I/O Controller running on our IoT Platform.

$129.00 +GST

LSE01 LoRaWAN Soil Moisture & EC Sensor

The LSE01 is a LoRaWAN Soil Moisture & EC Sensor for Agriculture applications. It detects Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature and Soil Conductivity, and uploads the the via wireless to LoRaWAN Network. .It is designed to measure the soil moisture of saline-alkali soil and loamy soil. The soil sensor uses the FDR method to calculate the soil moisture, with compensation for soil temperature and conductivity.

Telemetry2U has a live demo of a Dragino LES01 soil moisture, EC and temperature sensor running on our IoT Platform.

$259.00 +GST

Dragino HP0D LoRaWAN Helium Miner - Full Hotspot

The Dragino HP0D is an outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway. It lets you bridge LoRa wireless network to an IP network via WiFi, Ethernet, optional 3G or 4G. The LoRa wireless allows users to send data and reach extremely long ranges at low data rates.
$999.00 +GST