Basic Telemetry2U Server License Free 12-Month Trial

Telemetry2U’s Basic Server Plan is designed to be an introduction to T2U’s IoT Platform. It is free for the first 12-months and cost’s only $100- a year after that. It is perfectly suitable for small business and home environments, where it is only necessary to measure a few parameters, for example, a Green House with a temperature/humidity sensor, a soil sensor, and a water level sensor. You can choose to pay monthly or get two free months by paying annually.
Manufacturer: Telemetry2U
$0.00 +GST

Up to Three Nodes – Telemetry2U’s Basic plan still allows for up to three nodes, each with multiple sensor inputs that be displayed on customised Dashboards, Charts and Table format.

Up to Two User Accounts – Telemetry2U always sets up one user as a company administrator, who will have the ability to add an additional user linked to the account.  The administrator has full control over each the other user’s access and privileges.

Single Dashboards per User – Telemetry2U provide multiple ways to view your data, including an IoT Dashboard.  T2U Dashboards are user configurable, and the Basic plan allows you to have a single Dashboard per user within your account.

E-mail Only – You can easily configure alerts on Telemetry2U’s IoT Platform.  On the Basic Plan, you can receive these alerts via E-mail only. This ensures that your assets have a limited level of protection.

Downloadable Audit Reports – Telemetry2U allows you to create and download user configurable audit reports that contain all system information, including Charts with upper and lower limits, alert, history, sent command history, calibration details and more.  Audit reports can not be scheduled on the Basic Plan, you must manually download them.

Add Annotations to Alerts – The Basic plan allows all permitted users from within the Company to add annotations to any alert events quickly from the reports page by clicking on the Icons.  These annotations are then made available on the Audit Reports.

3-Month Data Retention – Data is stored on the Telemetry2U server and our Azure back-up servers for 3-Months on the Basic Plan.  Raw Data can be downloaded from the reports page in CSV format at any time during that period. 

*Longer data storage can be negotiated. Please contact us with your requirements.

Two free months whan paid annually – The Basic Plan is free for the first 12-months.  After that the cost is only $99/year.


All products sold by Telemetry2U can be purchased with-out a licence and will work on 3rd party platforms like TTN, but if you would like to use your IoT products with Telemetry2U’s advanced, plug-and-play IoT platform, you will need to purchase a server license.