Ultimate Telemetry2U Server License

Telemetry2U’s Ultimate Server Plan is designed for the ultimate level of control and convenience with practically no limits on features. It is perfect for users who require many sensors and extra features, including automated voice calls on alert conditions and unlimited IoT Dashboards. Please read below from more information. You can choose to pay monthly or get two free months by paying annually.

Upgrade to annual license

$99.00 +GST

Unlimited Nodes – You can add as many noes as your LoRaWAN gateway can physically handle.  This can be as many as 1000 nodes but is dependent on signal strength and Data Rates.

Unlimited User Accounts – Telemetry2U always sets up one user as a company administrator, who will have the ability to add an unlimited number of other users linked to the company.  The company administrator has full control over user access and privileges.

Unlimited Dashboards – Telemetry2U provide multiple ways to view your data, including an IoT Dashboard.  T2U Dashboards are user configurable, and the Ultimate plan allows you to have an unlimited number of Dashboards on all user accounts.

E-mail, SMS, and Voice Alerts – You can easily configure alerts on Telemetry2U’s IoT Platform.  On the Ultimate plan, you can receive these alerts via E-mail, SMS or through an automated Voice call.  In the event of a sensor alert, T2U will call your phone with the alert details.  You must acknowledge the alert with a key press, or it will call the next person in your list.  This ensures that you assets have the maximum level of protection. The cost of the SMS’s and Voice calls are included in you plan so you don’t have to worry about arranging a SIM card or other SMS service.

Scheduled Audit Reports – Telemetry2U allows you to create and download user configurable audit reports that contain all system information including, Charts with upper and lower limits, alert, history, sent command history, calibration details and more.  On the Ultimate plan, these audit reports can be emailed out automatically at a frequency of your choosing.

Add Annotations to Alerts – The Ultimate plan allows all permitted users from within the Company to add annotations to any alert events quickly from the reports page by clicking on the Icons.  These annotations are then made available on the Audit Reports.

Apply Sensor Calibrations – Telemetry2U can apply sensor calibrations with various calibration techniques.  This allows us to acquire NATA calibrations on selected Nodes.  Users can also apply their won calibrations and offsets as well as scale raw sensor inputs.

12-Month Data Retention – Data is stored on the Telemetry2U server and our Azure back-up servers for 12-Months on the Ultimate Plan.  Raw Data can be downloaded from the reports page in CSV format at any time during that period.

*Longer data storage can be negotiated. Please contact us with your requirements.

Save 17% with an Annual Subscription – The Ultimate Plan is normally $99/month, but you can save 17% when paying annually.


During the purchase process, you will be charged for the first period upfront.  You will then receive an invoice either monthly or annually depending on the plan you have selected.  Your subscription may be cancelled if payment is not received within the due date.

Please make sure you fill out all your details when placing your order, as the name, address, e-mail address and phone number will be used to create the administrator account.  The administrator will then be able to add extra users as permitted/required.

All products sold by Telemetry2U can be purchased with-out a licence and will work on 3rd party platforms like TTN, but if you would like to use your IoT products with Telemetry2U’s advanced, plug-and-play IoT platform, you will need to purchase a server license.