LWL01 LoRaWAN Water Leak Sensor

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The LWL01 is a LoRaWAN Water Leak sensor that detects water leak events and sends its status it to a LoRaWAN network. The LWL01 is small (64 x 30 x 14mm) in size and is powered by a CR2032 coin battery. In ideal LoRaWAN network coverage conditions, the LWL01 transmits approximately 12,000 data records to the server for the life of the battery. Poor LoRaWAN network coverage will allow for the transmission of roughly 1,300 data records. The LWL01 product design allows for one battery to last up to 2 years. Once flat, the CR2032 battery is straightforward to change.
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The LWL01 will periodically upload data records at a configurable interval (usually every 24 hours) to confirm its connection and status.  A data record is also sent as soon as a leak event is detected.  Each record contains the battery voltage, number of leak events with the duration of the most recent leak event. The LWL01 has a communication terminal accessible via a USB-TTL converter (purchased separately) for configuration and diagnostics. The LWL01 is easy to mount and comes with all necessary installation items.

Telemetry2U’s IoT Cloud servers offer a plug-and-play experience with a few types of leak detectors that work straight out of the box - with a simple installation that can be done by most users. Using Telemetry2U’s IoT platform, you can configure various types of alerts, including E-mail, SMS, or voice calls, ensuring that you are notified within seconds of a leak event. You’ll be able to take corrective action immediately and at the very least, save yourself a clean-up and potentially a lot of money.  You can read more about leak detection with Telemetry2U here.


If you have any questions about how Telemetry2U can help you get your world on the IoT cloud, please get in touch with us today, we're here to help.

Attribute nameAttribute value
  • LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A
  • SX1262 LoRa Core
  • Water leak detection
  • CR2032 battery powered
  • Band: AU915
  • AT commands to change parameters
  • Uplink periodically and on water leak events
  • Ability to change configuration remotely 
  • Wireless alarm and security systems
  • Home and building automation
  • Industrial monitoring and control
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Aquariums
  • Laboratory monitoring 
Package contents
  • 1 x LWL01 leak sensor
  • 1 x CR2032 battery
  • Mounting items 
Dimensions and weight
  • Device size: 65 x 35 x 15mm
  • Device weight: 50g 
  • Device size: 85 x 55 x 35m
  • Device weight: 100g

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